Race week/ final one of the year

well it's here. The final race of the year. Weather report says its going to be cold and rainy and while I like fitting in with my team mates and saying "Yeah I hate this too...hopefully it clears up"I am man enough to admit I'm secretly hoping that it slows everyone down just a little bit closer to my level.
I don't actually think I'll mind if it rains.  For one, I've discovered that whenever you run in the rain three things automatically happen:
1. You feel like a total badass. (I remember the scene where Rocky was running in the snow)
2. You get bragging rights.
3. You get really lucky if your running next to a hot girl.

Other than that its been an off time for me. I took a couple of days off for work (no excuse) and then ran a 5k and 10k back to back days with a friend. Nice runs for him, I felt like a conjoined twin competing a potato sack race. I plan on getting another run tomorrow morning before race day and then trying to relax and hopefully get under 22:45 for this race.  My mantra for this one is def going to be Nike's "finish on empty." Sooooo yeah, bring on the rain.


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