Marathon distances and cold weather training

Let me start this one off by saying the temperature that I ran in yesterday with wind chill was 11 degrees. That's right people eleven, as in one above ten. I've recently learned that Eskimos have a word for someone who goes out running in these kind of conditions: Moron. (Because when it's so cold outside that your nipples could give you a paper cut if touched the wrong way it's probably time to hit the treadmill.)

Even she's laughing at the guy running outside right now

BUT, all of this running and freezing does have a purpose. I will be running my first marathon March 20th, 2011 in Virginia Beach. (So far my singular motivation for this is that there is free beer at the end.) In order to get ready for this race the runners that I'm be going with will be running two marathon distance runs (26.2 miles each) in the next couple of weeks. To keep up with them and not breath like the fat kid in gym class means going out and running whenever I can. Until recently it was not so bad. Layer up with some under armour (best stuff EVER) and hit the road for anywhere between 3-13 miles. My lungs seem to be up to the task and my body overall is much stronger. However the past couple of days have been brutal on, of all things, my nose. I have a beanie which covers my ears, gloves for my hands, and compression gear for my torso. But I can't figure out how to keep my nose warm when running in conditions that make Russian drunks think its a little chilly outside. The only solution I can think of is a ski mask, but.....somehow I'm thinking that a guy running through a suburban area at night in a ski mask might give off the wrong impression. (Especially while running with a television for weight training.)  So until I figure out a solution I suppose I will keep running with what feels like a perpetual icicle hanging from my face. Cause after all this is fun, right? Right?? Thanks again for reading guys, and as always any advice for this newbie runner is appreciated!~

Maybe dressing it up a little will help?


  1. Let me know if you find anything for your nose because I am struggling with the same problem. I agree that a ski mask would work, but the neighbors might call the cops! Im not ready for the marathon distance that the group is planning to run this month. I honestly think my first marathon distance will be March 20th, 2011 :-) Im aiming to hit about 22 miles as my longest distance before the race. Stay warm!


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