Race results & snow

Ran the race, didn't get a pr, (but I did beat a teammate who has beaten me for the last 2 races) also didn't get rain. We got frickin snow. Remember all those things I said before that come with running in the rain? They go out the window with snow.
1. You don't feel bad ass. Just cold....cold and miserable.

Now I know why the kids from Narnia hate that bitch...

2. you don't have bragging rights, people just think you're insane.

3. The hot runners girls are no longer wet in the rain, but have so many layers on they look like Ralphie's brother from A Christmas story. 
Somewhere under all this there may be a snow bunny

I started well finishing the first mile almost 30 seconds faster than I planned and then back it down for mile 2. Still going well until I rounded the corner just past the mike 2 marker and felt a WALL of wind hit me. It seriously felt like an oompa loompa had suddenly jumped in front of me and was trying to stop me from making and unauthorized entrance in the chocolate factory. That being said I definitely "finished on empty." Also think I talked another teammate into running the upcoming shamrock marathon (98 days!) with me.

 And there was Starbucks coffee after the race. So was it worth it to pay almost $40 to wake up early, go run in shorts in the snow and probably shorten my life expectancy by about a year all for a sample size shot of Starbucks coffee? You damn right it was.


  1. I totally felt like I had on so many layers I could be Ralphie's brother. I actually felt more like I looked like a black and gray version of Sponge Bob Square Pants :-) As for the coffee, I must have missed it because I saw an empty Starbucks cup in the trash and my first thought was "Wait... did I miss something?!?!?!" Of course when I went back outside the tents were all gone. Fortunately Greenville has plenty of Starbucks cafes so I ended up there before the end of the day. It was a great race, but that wind was brutal! It was a blessing to see Krispy Kreme and Pizza Hut at the finish line!!


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