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Something, something, plausible excuse for vanishing

    I wasn't really sure what to title this one. Hell, I wasn't really even sure what to write for this one. I've been all over the place lately, done a lot of soul searching, and had even more injuries. I thought about titling this entry "Running on injury," but realized that calling what I've been doing for the past couple of months 'running' is akin to calling my bacon grease fried bacon breakfasts "food fit for human consumption." Its amazing the places your soul takes you #spiritualjourney      Stay with me for a moment and lets pretend this is a WB television show, and that I am an impossibly attractive twenty-something surrounded by other impossibly attractive people and somehow we rarely ever have to go to our jobs unless it suits our purposes for a cutscene or to forward the plot.  Got that? Great, now that we're there, lets do a flashback and change my haircut or something so it seems legit.     We're at a track

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