Its Boston Monday!

  Its Boston Monday! For those not in the know, the Boston Marathon is like a runner’s version of Christmas. And sure, not everybody celebrates it, not everyone gets in on the festivities, some people will surely take offense to the comparison, and your runner friends and relatives will all argue over the politics of it all. See? Just like the real holidays!
How dare you?! Shalane is SO much better than Desi!

   Without leading you on too much, lets start with the basics here: I’m not running Boston. And not in a “I’m not running Boston this year” kind-of-way. Which, incidentally brings me to a piece of advice for all those traveling with those running this year. From the plane to the hotel, and of course at the expo, you're sure to be bombarded with congratulations that you made it, and questions about how excited you are to be there. After a few days, its understandable that this could drive you crazy explaining that you are not, in fact, running the Boston Marathon. 

   After processing the message that you aren't running the race yourself (But you're in Boston!) the well wisher wisher often contorts their face into something resembling a look reserved for children accepted into the Make-A-Wish program, accompanied by the "You'll get there one day..." phrase as they walk away shaking their heads in sympathy for your situation. Here's your life hack: Instead of simply saying no, let them know that you're not running Boston this year and instead are supporting whoever you came with. While technically not fully explaining your situation, its also not a lie. See? Now you've gone from the slow, paste-eating kid in class without a chance to self sacrificing hero! You're welcome.

  Sooooo...why am I not running this year? Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, its because after a couple of years attempting to on and off, I haven’t met the qualifying time yet. I do however, plan on making another strong attempt at the end of this year. So why am I writing about it? Because, just like being an orphan at Christmas without gifts, I can still look in on the elites, get in the spirit, and celebrate the season!

   Because for so many of us, that's what the Boston Marathon will be this year. Looking in on our faster peers, celebrating the festivities, and secretly watching our phones, laptops, and work computers throughout the day to check on the progress of our training partners and friends while hedging our bets on who will take it all this year. 

Because this is exactly what looking in on Boston feels like

   More than anything else, I think I wanted to send two messages along with my reentry into the world of blogging. First, congratulations to all those who qualified and are running this year! You've (obviously) put in the miles, time, and effort to get you there and above all, that's to be seriously commended. OR, you're that guy who decided to fun run his first marathon and somehow qualified for Boston. Nobody likes that guy. 

After I BQ'd I looked down and found this winning lotto ticket!
    Secondly, know that you're an inspiration for all of us, whether we will admit it out loud or not. Even if its not the end goal for some of us, even if it never will be the end goal, theres no denying the fact that all of us have at least a little interest in the event that one Monday out of the year, and by that, a little interest in you as the runner this year. Run hard, run easy, blow your heart out, or stop for every beer and high five along the course. But enjoy the hell out of it for all of us, if for no other reason than we need to believe that all the effort and miles chasing our own Boston dreams are worth it. 


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