Of Pubs and Runs

   We may never know which came first, the pub, or the run; said mystery being buried deep in the sands of time. Running, being established as man's preeminent way of not getting eaten by things larger than himself, has clearly been around been around for eons. While historically, cultivated grain was used for beer before anything else. (Most likely some early version of Keystone light)

Same recipe and haircut since 10,000 BC 

  What we can say for certain for certain though is that the modern pub run has come a long way from whatever drunken, prehistoric version of NASCAR mastodon hunts that our ancestors participated in. Today, the order of most pub runs is as follows:
  1.  Meet at the bar, or brewery
  2. Run
  3. Return to bar or brewery for craft beer                     
This startlingly simple formula, which is almost outpacing the growth of traditional running clubs, is giving rise to clubs all over the nation based solely on the promise of beer afterwards. 

Fun fact: The International Space Station 
was created for the same reason

    So far the draw of the pub run may not sound like much to the uninitiated. However, much like the humble, yet mighty burrito, it is so much more than the sum of its parts. Breaking down some of the attraction of these events begins with looking at the fact that pub runs make being social easier. As social creatures, human beings crave the company of others, at least in some form. 

   Whenever you go into a bar you don't really know what or why that person sitting across from you is there for. Are they a craft beer connoisseur? Looking for a date? Serial killer looking for potential victim who's profile you happen exactly? Who knows! But with pub runs you know that everyone is there for the love of a good beer, and at least the tolerance of running. Additionally, if you're new to the area, or just looking to meet new people, you already know that you have at least two things in common with these people.

    Pub runs also typically offer up what has arguably been the greatest achievement in 21st century science yet; the food truck. 

When CERN can improve on Korean fusion tacos, then we'll talk
    I ask you, what is better after a run than craft beer and attractive people that won't shun you because their endorphins are running high? What about food prepared for you without the need for you to be all pretentious and do things like shower, or have have a shirt on? Food trucks today are typically founded and run by by great chefs who use this not only to bring their specialty to you, but experiment with tastes and options that allow you to fully undo whatever work you just put into that run! Plus, with such high competition, a bad food truck issn't likely to stick around long. So go ahead, refuel post run with food from a guy who really doesn't care how awkwardly you sweat in front of him while accepting your food. 

   If you're not convinced yet to give your local pub run a shot yet, I've probably already lost that fight. However, as an American, it is my duty to stubbornly persist that I am right in a continuously louder voice until I wear you down and you agree with me. (So, if you don't mind...just reread that last bit really loud in your head.) If nothing else, give it a shot because if you're hitting these places up regularly anyway, chances are that this will save you some money.

Its kinda like a reverse tip jar
   Many times bars and breweries will feature an overall discount, or special discount on beer for the all the local runners that have come out to be a part of the event. And if you're experimenting with this whole running thing while at your favorite place and getting healthier as a result? Well, you can buy me a round after the run to say thanks. 

If you've made it to the end of this one, thanks for reading! Feel free to post up your pub run / food truck adventures on the Facebook page! Be on the look out for next week's Monday update and more shenanigans of a burrito lover experiencing Stockholm syndrome with this sport called running.



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