Twas the night before Medoc

Our version leaves beer.
   Twas the night before Medoc, when all through the house, not a runner was sleeping, not even the one whose bib said 'trail mouse.' The Gu and Gatorade were laid out with care, in hopes that Medoc himself would soon be there.
   The runners lay awake in their beds, while visions of leaf emblazoned pint glasses danced in their heads. My friend eyed her shorts, and I my hat, while others dreamed once again of a glorious Medoc tat...

   Right. So it is actually the night before Medoc and I'm watching statuses (satusi?) change in preparation for so many people's favorite race of the year. Occasionally I complain about having to get up around 4:00 in the morning to make it to the race, but then I see other runners posting up their cross country flights and how many states they have driven through just to get to this year's race. (Then I just mumble how unacceptable it is to ask me to get up that early.)

   In preparation for tomorrow I took last night off, and won't run tonight either. I have, however, been listening to music all week long that I can hopefully play in my head along the trail and keep myself moving at a decent pace. I've also stuffed down burritos and chugged almost as much coffee as I can handle at this point in the day. So whats left? I've got to lay out the only two things I know for sure that I'm wearing: the socks and shoes. I've got a few hours to decide on the rest, and I'm trying not to stress about it tooooo much, as I'm pretty sure that staying relaxed and controlling my breathing is the key to success this year.
Collect all three!

   Whats left for you guys? Well, in the spirit of inane internet fans advertising for companies and athletes in exchange for online "stickers" I'm asking everyone to post up some encouragement via twitter and Facebook hashtags. #Setfiretothemountain, #medocstrong, #burritosareforwinners. (Speaking of shameless plugs, don't forget to like the site on Facebook!)
   If you're running or racing tomorrow, one mile or one hundred, I hope you're planning on doing it up big! I know I'll be out there doing the same and hanging with about 500 of the coolest people on the planet. I leave you with the song that was actually written while entering Medoc State park, and the one that I will be playing loudly on repeat for the entire drive to the race:


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