early morning runs& pictures

I thought I knew when early morning was, but I am slowly realizing that my definition of "early morning" has changed over the years. When I was in college it was whenever you woke yourself up to stumble to the bathroom and play rock paper scissors with your roommates at around 11:00 am to decide exactly which one of you was going to get the "morning's" hangover cure of coffee and whatever McDonald's has on the dollar menu that day. After college early morning became anything before the ungodly hour of 7:00 am.

The college students headed home from the bar...or the zombie apocalypse. Either way it's time to run soon!

Runners have a totally different idea of early morning. (In fact I'm not sure that they even call it early... self righteous bastards...) You know that time right after college students are stumbling home from the bar, but before the work force actually wakes up to lead a normal human life? Yep, those few hours are what runners call morning. Unfortunately for me those are also the times when they take group pictures. After telling so many people that I was running avidly now and having them respond by arching one eyebrow and looking my body up and down (that's a new cool urban compliment, right?) I decided that I need to get up and do at least one run with these people and get a picture to prove it.

Come on guys, this is totally a runners body

And of course...it snows. If you've read any of my previous entries you know exactly how I feel about running in the snow. Its cold, wet, dirty and vaguely reminds me of that time I was on taxi cab confessions. But this time was...different. I met up with what turns out to be the usual group there in the morning and we all took off in the snow and ice. I started out by slipping on some ice and did what can only be called a 30 second long interpretive dance to keep my balance. After looking around and getting what I assume were questions of "are you ok?" (I keep my ipod volume high enough to drown out air force one) we continued onwards. I have to say after a few miles and realizing that before the sun even rose I was getting a great start to my day felt pretty good. And then it happened. The sun started to slowly creep up over the horizon and I felt great. I knew why all these insane people get up and out as early as they do. When you look around at a great (but possibly harmlessly psychotic) group of people working out beside you as the sun rises, you can't do anything but feel good, grin and shake your head. Since then I haven't made every early morning run (or even most of them) but I have found myself watching the sun rise, grinning and shaking my head on more than a few occasions. Oh and I made the group photo!

I'm the handsome one.


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